Krogerfeedback is a survey website which makes it possible for customers to take part in the customer satisfaction survey  and there is a possibilities for them win exciting cash prices upto USD 50000.

www.krogerstoresfeedback.com is the official portal where users can participate in the survey.

After completing the survey, you are eligible for a reward. Thus, the krogerfeedback gives some great chances of wining some exciting prizes. They also serve you with some exciting surveys where you could give opinion about your last visit to the kroger.


Krogerfeedback is a well known survey website which allows customers to answer some questions so that they could satisfy their customer with the help of their surveys. They are designed to improve customer experiance. Many other companies have also launced such surveys to improve their surveys.



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                About Krogerfeedback

Surveys from krogerfeedback include all questions from all Kroger stores, whether it’s food from the city market, the pharmacy, or Ralph’s Kroger evaluates each and every comment received from their customers, they evaluates it.

Krogerfeedback surveys are very user-friendly that means they are very easy to understand for the customers of them also they give great rewards after taking part in the survey. Usually the surveys questions consists of the behaviour of the staff, quality of the food, freshness of the products used, price of the food.

But you should remember one thing about them the surveys you take will not be revealed i.e they will not reveal your identity. Krogerfeedback is the most efficiant website for customer satisfaction, they always try to improve their service with great work efficiancy, and performance at a very negligible time.

Krogerfeedback analyzes the comments, evaluates them, and take some necessory steps which ensure the satisfaction of the customers so that they should not face the problem they had faced earlier. If you are a regular vistor of the Kroger then you can take part in the survey easily in their official website www.krogerstoresfeedback.com and win some great rewards.




Now comes the question that who are eligible for the krogerfeedback survay?

  • You should keep in mind that it is not necessory to pay something for taking the survey. It’s completely free. 
  • This survey rewards only one person per survey.
  • Your age should be greater than 18 to take part in this type of survey.
  • You should take part in this survey within 7 days of receiving the purchase receipt.
  • The kroger fuel limit is only 50.
  • You will not be eligible for this survey if you are an employee or a family member of any employee of kroger.
  • Only the top 100 lucky winners will be rewarded with grand prize .
  • No illegul creatures are allowed.

                Participation necessity

Now comes the question why should one participitate in kroger surveys? This is because it consumes very less time to answers those easy questions so that any problem faced by anyone could be resolved by them, also interestingly they give reward to take part in this survey. They evaluates your survey answers and could efficiantly make changes if needed to make their service more customer friendly.


Be aware of fake krogerfeedback website where you could face some trouble. People are getting fake kroger feedback messages from different social media sites, they may be look alike but they are not real. Please note that kroger do not take any  surveys in any other social media site. I recommend you to visit only www.krogerstoresfeedback.com

  • Kroger never offers more price money than anounced.
  • No popup should be visible on the visit to www.krogerstoresfeedback.com.

Still if you are facing any issues with the kroger survey then you can contact them anytime without any hesitation. Their customer service is very friendly in nature.

Just you have to dial their contact number (1-800-576-43770) to get the kroger feedback customer support.


These are some of the examples of the questions they would ask for survey.

  • Do you love shopping at the store ?

Yes. Shopping experience is very cool & easy accessible products in the store.

  • Whats New in KrogerFeedback compared to other Grocery Stores ?

While in grocery store, you can’t view and examine every product and get at lowest prices.

  • Which is Cheaper Kroger or Walmart or Target ?

Apart from lowest prices, Kroger Feedback has lot of availability of products in the store

  • What are the options do i have to shop for the list of products ?

You can directly shop at the store by building your shopping list or order products online.

  • Whats so special in Kroger brand products.

These Brand products are low priced and were not preserved for long days.

  • Does it have private brands ?

Yes .. There are many kroger private brands

  • Do we need rate your experience at the store – Kroger Customer satisfaction survey ?

Through Kroger feedback, you can rate your experience to receive fuel points

  • Do they maintain quality and norms in their food supermarkets ?

Yes.. You can submit your feedback on quality of store and products too.

  • Is there any chance to get gift cards ?

Yes.. !! You literally have chance to get gift cards

  • How is the customer service ?

Self service option is only available while choosing the products at the store

  • What do you like to shop most at the store ?

Mostly people prefer grocery shopping as it is available at lowest price

  • Is Dillons Food store and Kroger the same ? or different ?

Dillions is the food store Division of The Kroger Company.

  • Even there are many grocery supermarkets why it is special ?

KrogerFeedback is the second largest food supermarkets chains in the United States of America

  • How to check your rewards balance online ?

Winners anouncement

If you successfully answer all the questions, you complete the survey. The admins then randomely decide to the lucky winners. Winners are generally anounced at 10th date of every month. You will be rewarded a $5000, or $100 gift card from www.krogerstoresfeedback.com.


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