About Us

Krogerfeedback is a supermarket present in USA where people used to buy many essential items for their household need. Their interesting part is they used to conduct surveys. Their surveys usually reflects about their customer satisfaction. They gather feedback from their customer to know about the problems faced by their customer, Also they used to give exciting rewards for taking part in their survey for example their rewards include 50 fuel points, exciting discounts etc. One lucky winner among them will get a gift card worth $5000 or $100. They gather your experience on the premises of the Kroger.

Kroger is one of the biggest American retailing established by Bernard Kroger in 1883 at Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger is the largest revenue generating supermarket chain in the United States. It also ranks as 2nd among the retails, and 17th as the largest company in the United States. Kudos to the management.

There are more than 2270 loactions across the country and a number of employees are striving to satisfy their customers. Kroger provide excellent services to their customers. They have reached this height of class with the help of their Krogerfeedback surveys. Krogerfeedback is one of the most efficient tools for them in the country.

They believe in the fact that “There is always a scope of improvement”. Whether we talk about their services, product, staff mangement etc. kroger is always at its best. You can easily attend their survey in their official website www.krogerstoresfeedback.com where you would be asked simple questions about your purchase, your experiance at the store etc, just answer them and you are eligible for their survey contest. If you are the lucky one then they will reward you with $5000 or $100 gift card. It’s really intersting to do that,isn’t it? So hurry visit them.