People who are taking the surveys of kroger usually have some questions in their mind about this surveys. Krogerfeedback surveys is an online platform. For customer satisfaction they conduct surveys to improve their work in and make them user friendly. They usually ask some easy questions about their service for example about their behaviour towards customer, thier quality of food and also about their price. Interestingly they reward their customers who are taking their surveys by answering some easy questions. They reward you with a gift card worth $5000 or $100. Also you need to keep in mind that after successful completion only you can receive your reward.

So, if you are eager to take part in their surveys, you can visit their official website www.krogerstoresfeedback.com.

You should keep in mind that you need to be honest while answering those questions otherwise their effort to improve will go in vain.

Now let’s look at some questions which will come to your mind before answering their surveys.

  1. Can anyone use my gift card?

Ans:- It totally depends on you if you have given your gift card to someone else then one can easily use your gift                  card. Krogerfeedback surveys only need their code or id, date and time, name is not necessary.

2. How a gift card is to be used?

Ans:- It is very easy to use a gift card and it can be redeemed at any of the Kroger stores. Just you have to give                     your card to the cashier