Krogerfeedback survey is launched by Kroger in the official website These surveys are not for those who are employee of kroger or their family members are not eligible for this survey. If you are a kroger customer then you can participitate in the kroger feedback customer satisfaction survey.

Kroger feedback consists of questions about their services for example about their food quality, behaviour of their employee etc. Krogerfeedback is necessory to improve their service and rectify their mistake if happens so that one can never face any trouble for them.

Customers are loving their feedback as they have satisfied with their customer service to a great extent.


One should know the requirements before taking the survey. Some of these are :-

  • One should be above 18 years i.e must be adult.
  • One should have a stable internet connection in your pc/mobile to attend these survy.
  • One should purchase items with a receipt with a survey code on it stamped.
  • You should attend the survey within 7 days of purchase of any items.
  • You should have a basic knowledge of english or spanish language.
  • You should be honest with your surveys
  • You should be a legal resident of United states, Columbia excluding New York, Florida, and Rhode island.